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all you need to do i click this link http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=398002Ā and sing up and complete offers DO IT NOW OR YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 YOU COULD GET A FREE CP MEMBER SHIP


new pin and new furniture catolog

hi guys do you like the new widgets? well i like them so lets go on down to the news here is where the pin is and here is the hidden items so thats all i can updated so i hope you like the improvments to the blog well cya


new news and penguin games is gone!

hi guys the penguin games has stoped now šŸ˜¦ but the football pithch is still there look and its on the map its going to stay for a bit and non memembers are alowd in good for my littel brother he plays cp and hes only 4 LOL and hes a non member so he was braging to go on my penguin to get inwell in othere news the 150th news paper came out to day but last time on the 100th new paper out they had a party in the news paper well here is a small pic of it well when i say small i ment bigwell the new furniture catolog is out tomorow so you better hope that you have a few spearĀ Ā 10,000 coins in you pocket well thats all i can stay realy oh yeah i have got a few new widgets hope you like them and do you like the new them of the blog? if you do then comment and if you like the old oine better still comment say how you fell well cya


penguin games

hi guys only got back today so here it is its a bit late like i said i only got back today so here are the pics and here is the games you can play rember to stop at the light here is what you can get for free and hers how to get them to get the medal finish all the races next how to get the face paints goto the pizza palout and clik on the face painting table to get the blue pain and got to the coffee shope and clik on the faceĀ Ā  panting tabel to get the red face pain so how like club penguin dalek tv please post a comment to say if you like it or not? well cya


im back

hi guys im back from pendine sands also nown as park deen holidays sorry i for got to tell you about it well my penguin wnet on holiday too he stowd away on rh ship but when i got on cp my penguinĀ had mail and i hardly have mailĀ i looked in my mail and rockhopper had sent me mail it said not for dalek485 to stow away on his ship LOL (it was not real ha ha) so comment if you have been to pendine sand before ok well you know im back well cya bye bye


hi guys

my new video is out so spreed the word for club penguin dalek tv watch lots of time tell friends oh and could you subscribe to my youtube page well thanks kk CYA


what the hell

hay guys it me dalek485 i was goin to the crow nest on rhs ship and when i got up there this came up? well CYA